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We are extremely proud of of Hookah Bar! We stack the best in Cape Town... with skill and love...


We bring you the best in premium flavours... both stocking the exquisite essence extractions for which Al-Fakher is world-reknowned and the chart-topping Starbuzz famed for its massive clouds and taste.


But that's not even the most exciting part... the biggest draw to our famous Hookah Lounge is our own home-brewed flavours, created purely for Cape Town's smoking pleasure. We currenly have more than 20 taste adventures that have been expertly blended to deliver delicious hours of smoking... blends that have up to 12 flavours in them that play with head notes, evolving taste and big cloud experiences.


We offer options to add to your pot a whole range of fruits, ice and mixers, and we carve excellent fruit heads for extreme smoking pleasure.


Its a new era in Hookah smoking, and we're leading the way... always looking to bring you the best in innovation and tradition.

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